Free Backlinks tutorial


Backlinks are incoming links to a website or webpage. The popularity or importance of a website is strongly influenced by the number of backlinks to that website. Therefore, building high quality backlinks is important in the development of a website. It can be a boring process that requires a lot of time and patience, but it can definitely bring success to the website.
I did a simple image to explain better what a Backlink is:
1. Why Backlinks are so important?
First of all backlinks can increase traffic to your website, as they are a sort of advertisment for your website placed on other blogs or websites. In addiction, Search Engines use the number of backlinks to a website for determining that website’s Ranking (Google’s PageRank algorithm for example uses backlinks). You can check a site’s PageRank in a browser for example through the Google Toolbar, or through the Page Rank Bar Graph in Google’s directory, or others plugins.
1. How to build high quality Backlinks?

  1. Quality Content: essential. We cannot think of creating Backlinks to a website with poor content.
  2. Leave comments: the most simple way to build Backlinks to your website is to leave comments on other people’s blogs. It is important to leave thoughtful and interesting comments in order not to be considered a Spammer and draw some people to your website!
  3. Social Networking Websites: the list is really long.. MySpace, Lastfm, Flickr, Facebook, they all allow users to create a profile for themselves. You can “collect friends”, or try to be linked to as many friends as possible to promote your website. Here is a complete list of the most Social Networking websites.
  4. Exchange links: you may also like to look for blogs with the same topics as your own and exchange links. I suggest not to exaggerate and not go crazy with it though ;)
I hope this tutorial was helpful.

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